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Nashua Division
Team W L T GB
CrosswayBlue 11 3 - -
MovementCC 10 4 - 1
MainStUMC 9 5 - 2
CrosswayOrange 8 6 - 3
CCNazareneBlue 7 7 - 4
CCNazareneRed 6 8 - 5
LowellNazarene 6 8 - 5
MarshCorner 3 10 - 7.5
BurnsHillCF 1 13 - 10
Derry Division
Team W L T GB
BridgeWayCC 12 2 - -
RockChurchBlack 11 3 - 1
CalvaryBible 10 4 - 2
RockChurchGold 8 6 - 4
FirstAoGAuburn 6 8 - 6
JourneyChurch 6 9 - 6.5
OrchardCFBlack 5 9 - 7
LifeWayCC 4 10 - 8
RockChurchRed 4 10 - 8
Manchester Division
Team W L T GB
StMarkEvan 14 0 - -
LifeChurch 10 4 - 4
GraniteUnited 9 5 - 5
GraceChapel 9 5 - 5
GreatExchange 8 6 - 6
MCCOrange 5 9 - 9
MCCBlue 4 10 - 10
OrchardCFWhite 3 11 - 11
FaithBaptist 0 14 - 14

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All teams with equal records are displayed in order of RA (runs against) during the season. Following the season, final position will be determined.

W = Wins
L = Losses
T = Ties
GB = Games Back


Nashua Division fields
Greeley Park

Derry Division fields
Pinkerton Academy
Jette Park
Manchester Division fields
Youngsville Park
Wolfe Park

Labine Field (Nashua) - 1 Cleveland St., Nashua NH

Take Route 3 to exit 5E. If coming from Derry, you can get to Route 3 in Nashua by going north on 93, west on 101W and and then south on the Everett Turnpike which turns into Route 3.

You're looking for Fairview Street which is only 0.4-mile ahead. You will pass a store on the left where there is also a yellow blinking light; Fairview is the 2nd street on the right after the store. Turn right onto Fairview. If you miss the turn onto Fairview (if you reach St. Joseph's Hospital), I suggest you circle back around by taking 3 lefts. (you're on a 1-way street so you can't go back on the street). Fairview is relatively easy to miss and the streets off to the right can be very confusing; you don't want to get lost in there. Once on Fairview, Labine field is 1/2 mile down on the right. There are 2 stop signs to go through. Labine Field is opposite Fairgrounds Jr. High (on the left).

Labine lights are in right centerfield, there is a pole with many boxes on it for the lights. The box to open is a small box facing the field which is attached to a larger box. Press the button to turn on the lights; they are on a timer and will turn off automatically at 10:15 p.m.

Greeley Park (Nashua) - 100 Concord St, Nashua NH

Take Route 3 to exit 7 east. If coming from the south, go straight through traffic light onto Henri Burque highway. If coming from the North, go over Route 3 and take your first left onto Henri Burque highway. On Henri Burque, proceed to the end (about 1-1/2 miles) and take a right. Greeley Park is less than a mile on your left. From the East, get to Main Street in Nashua and head north. Greeley Park is on the right about 1-1/2 miles past the statue at the start of Main Street.

Pinkerton Academy (Derry) - 25-47 N. Main St., Derry NH

Take route 93 to route 102 east through downtown Derry to traffic circle, way around onto 28 Bypass North. In less than a mile, the field will be on the right behind student parking and before you reach the gym on the left. The northern field in this complex of 2 fields is the field that should be used unless there are problems (such as from the sun) in which case the south field can be used.

Cars may be parked in either parking lot near the northern field, or on the road between these parking lots in the designated parking spots. Cars are not be parked inside the gate to the field (which is typically closed and locked). Cars are also not to be parked in the lot near the far, southern field which has an administration building since parking is limited near the building and may be needed for night time meetings.

Veteran's Field (Derry) - 80 Railroad Ave, Derry NH

Take route 93 to route 102 East into downtown Derry. Take a right on Railroad Avenue at “C&K Restaurant” ; go to the end and the field straight ahead.

Jette Park (Derry) - 20 County Rd, Hudson NH

Take route 93 to exit 3. Take route 111 west for roughly 8 miles. Continue straight onto Central St. In 302 feet turn left on Belknap Rd and travel for 1.2 miles. Turn left on County Rd. In ~300 feet you will see the opening for parking on the left.

Youngsville Park (Manchester) - 1934 Candia Rd, Manchester NH


Wolfe Park (Manchester) - 201 Harvell St, Manchester NH



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